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About SpeedPro Imaging

SpeedPro Imaging began in 1992 as a Canadian sign production business founded by Blair Gran, who came from a sign making family in British Columbia. While his family’s business focused on hand-painted signs, he saw the opportunity to adapt to new technology, focusing his business on vinyl cut lettering and other contemporary sign making techniques. He was so successful that he began franchising the SpeedPro concept in 1996.

While SpeedPro grew to 30 locations throughout Canada, Blair continued to adapt to new technologies. In 2001, the intersection of desktop computers, large format printing, and accessible color processing revolutionized SpeedPro—it was that year that Blair expanded SpeedPro into large format imaging services, shifting away from sign making services. He even added it to the name, calling it SpeedPro Imaging for the first time.

The refocusing of the business allowed the company to reach whole new sectors of the marketplace that had never had access to high-quality, large format printing before. In 2002, the company began franchising in the United States from Dallas, TX. SpeedPro Imaging also opened its doors in Ontario, Canada that year.

The History Of SpeedPro

  • 1992

    Blair Gran Founds SpeedPro Signs

    First Location in Alberta Canada

  • 1996

    SpeedPro Signs Begins Franchising

    30 locations opened in in first 5 years

  • 2001

    SpeedPro Imaging Established

    Digital Printing introduced - revolutionizes the industry

  • 2003

    SpeedPro Imaging Begins Franchising in USA

    Blair expanded the concept in the US - starting in Dallas, TX.

  • 2014

    SpeedPro Imaging Is Acquired

    SpeedPro is purchased by a new ownership group

  • 2016+

    SpeedPro Continues To Prosper

    With over 130 locations in 31 states, the brand is expanding nation-wide

  • 1992

  • 1996

  • 2001

  • 2003

  • 2014

  • 2016

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We Are Passionate About Culture

The team at the SpeedPro Home Office and all franchise business owners are dedicated to a strong culture of camaraderie, fun and integrity. We pride ourselves on being solution providers for our clients. We partner with those we serve to always “Make it Right.” We’re committed to doing it right, the first time. If our clients aren’t completely satisfied - we always: Make it Right!

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