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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the Initial Investment Cost of the Franchise?

    Per our Item 7* the start-up costs range from $240,500 to $285,850(1) which includes your entire start-up asset package.

    *Please see item 7 on pages 11 - 13 of our 2018 FDD
    (1)Range for the base equipment package and does not include potential tenant improvements out of pocket which rarely occur.
  • How Long Does it Take to Break Even?

    Our Ramp Up program provides the opportunity to begin revenue generation right away and naturally accelerates the time to break even.

  • What Are the Ramp Up & Kickstart Programs?

    Upon signing your franchise agreement, you’ll immediately enroll in the Ramp-Up & Kick-Start Programs giving you the tools to develop your business and your client base including learning the products and how to begin generating revenue well before your grand opening. This program is one of the most powerful resources in the franchising industry.

  • What's the Revenue Potential for a Single Franchise?

    Facts and Figures*:

    Average 2017 Gross Sales (Top 25% of Studios) $1,007,383
    Average 2017 Gross Profit (Top 25% of Gross Profit) $646,808
    Average 2017 Gross Margin (Top 25% Gross Profit Margin) 64.2%
    Average 2017 Owner's Discretionary Profit (ODP)/ EBITDA $208,241
    *Top 25% of studios. See important disclosures in item 19 of FDD.
  • How Many Employees Will I Need to Begin?

    A small team of employees is typically needed. Initially, each studio starts with 2 employees. Over time as their business scales, additional employees can be added. The average studio has 2-4 employees per location.
  • How Much Does Each Franchise Pay in Royalties?

    Gross Sales: Your Royalty Fee Rate
    $0 - $75,000 6.0%
    $75,000 - $150,000 5.0%
    $150,001+ 4.0%
    *Please see Item 6 on pages 5-10 of the 2018 FDD
  • How Much Do I Pay Into the Marketing Fund?

    2% of gross monthly sales will go to the Marketing Fund every month.

  • Are Multiple Units Available?

    Our business mode typically focuses on scaling in a single location with additional equipment and personnel rather than opening additional locations.

  • Are There Corporate-Owned Units?

    All units are currently owned and operated by local franchisees!
  • Is There Vehicle Required? Will it Be Included in the Franchise Package?

    You will need a studio vehicle to operate the business, however it is not included in the franchise equipment package. The vehicle will be used for basic needs like making deliveries and going on sales calls. You’re allowed to use your personal vehicle for the business, and we encourage that it is wrapped with the SpeedPro approved wrap to display your location, services, and our brand. Vehicle graphics are one of the most cost effective advertising mediums out there and given that it’s a key product line for SpeedPro, it’s critical to get the word out on your business and show your prospective customers the workmanship of SpeedPro Imaging.

  • Are There Financing Options?

    We have multiple third-party streamlined financing options for prospective franchisees. Call us and we will be happy to discuss your options with you!
  • What's a Day in the Life of an Owner Like?

    “Day in the Life” videos here.

  • Will Sales Experience Be Necessary?

    While experience in sales and developing business relationships is always an advantage, we assess your abilities during our mutual discovery process. SpeedPro studios grow revenue through outbound sales efforts to building relationships at networking events - we find that regardless of background we can identify the sales traits to be successful. It is imperative to follow The SpeedPro Way to learn our proven model and implement it in your business.
  • How Many Units have You Sold So Far?

    Currently, we have over 130 units in the US. The large format printing industry is very large and growing steadily, giving opportunity for strong unit-level sales in many additional territories throughout the US. We also have an affiliate in Canada that operates under the SpeedPro Imaging brand with over 50 units.
  • What's Involved in the Studio Buildout?

    The typical buildout requirement is minimal as we require an open floorplan for the production space and 1-2 offices for the owner and staff along with a vehicle bay. Most buildouts take 30-60 days, depending on the condition of the space.
  • What's the Size of an Average Studio?

    Our executive style studios are typically in tech/flex commercial locations and can operate with as little as 2,000-4,000 square feet of space. This minimizes the overhead cost of larger retail type locations.
  • What's an Ideal Location for a Studio?

    We generally seek to have the franchise location at the epicenter with good ingress and egress of an established territory which includes over 5,000 businesses. Our model is not location sensitive given the B2B nature of the business.
  • Do You Help Franchisees Choose a Site & Negotiate a Lease Agreement?

    We’re happy to! Our expert real estate team assists with site location and lease negotiations for each studio established.
  • Where Are Territories Available?

    Locations exist in most areas of the U.S. except for Hawaii, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Check out our available markets here.
  • Is Equipment Provided to Franchisees?

    Our turnkey program (“Business in a Box”) includes everything from office furnishings to some of the most advanced printers in the industry, all the way down to the paperclips. We work with you hand-in-hand during the initial setup. Our FDD covers in detail the equipment and furnishings provided by us for the studio.
  • Is Training Provided to Franchisees?

    Yes! Training begins immediately upon signing the franchise agreement for the business, enabling franchisees to pursue the Ramp Up Program. Once the studio location is ready to open, extensive training (72 hours) will take place at the Home Office in Centennial, Colorado or at the Studio where the new franchisee is opening.
  • What Ongoing Training Is Available?

    The Home Office team and Field Consultants offer support and ongoing training on general business operations, finance and sales as well as technical aspects relating to the production of large format graphics. We also have an extensive Intranet called “ the Hub” which offers 24-hour access to critical business tools.
  • How Much Are Employees Compensated?

    Employee compensations vary according to the regional demographics and personnel qualifications.
  • How Does SpeedPro Compete with Other Large Format Printing Services?

    Our differentiation consists of providing the absolute highest quality graphics for our target customers, who value a partner that is focused on providing the right solutions with impeccable client service. This allows SpeedPro Imaging to stand out amongst our peers and to command premium pricing for our target market.
  • What Clients Does SpeedPro Target?

    We serve an extensive group of client categories, as the graphics we produce are used almost everywhere. Our target markets include marketing service providers (ad agencies and marketing firms), wholesale accounts (small format printers and sign shops) and direct clients such as small to medium size businesses, large corporations, government organizations, hospitals, and other entities). Being a B2B focused model means we tend to only work with other professional organizations and rarely if ever directly with non-business affiliated consumers. Check out our Business Model to learn more.

  • How Do You Plan on Staying Competitive in a Shifting Industry?

    We have been the leaders in technology and innovation within the Wide Format Printing Industry for over 20 years and continue to revolutionize the visual and communications graphics industry. This perfectly positions each franchisee to be the go-to-source for marketing firms, ad agencies, and blue chip corporate brands.

    We attend our industry tradeshows and seminars to keep an eye on the changing landscape in the large format industry. We constantly evaluate the equipment and supplies our owners are using to service their client’s needs. In short, we’re always adapting. As long as we continue to adapt to our clients’ needs, our clients will continue to turn to you.
  • What Is the Role of a Field Consultant?

    Field Consultants are expertly suited to be the "on the ground" business consultant for our franchise owners. Having owned and operated a SpeedPro Imaging studio, our Field Consultants have personally handled many of the day-to-day challenges you will face as a business owner.
  • Do You Provide a Workflow Software or CRM?

    Yes! Our customized workflow/CRM software allows franchisees to quickly manage the operations of their studio, from CRM and product quotes, all the way to interfacing with our approved accounting system.

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